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মধুর তোমার শেষ যে না পাই : অন্তরঙ্গ পাঠ

Published by Dr. Goutam Kumar Nag in IRJHSS, Volume-I, Issue-III · 3/12/2015 23:42:33

The object of study of the present paper is a well-known song of Tagore: modhur tomar sesh je na pai. It should be noted that this study is confined only to the poetical framework of the song; the musical aspect is excluded. We have attempted to bring out the hidden message by reading between the lines and carrying out an in depth analysis of the salient linguistic features of the song at various levels: lexical, morpho-syntactic, semantic, and phonetic. Our objective is to demonstrate that the song is built on the underlying theme of union of finite with infinite — a major theme in the universe of Tagorean thought.
Key Words: Tagorean thought, linguistic features, finite, infinite
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