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Important Points to note:
1. Article or Research Papers must be preceeded with abstracts writen in English within 250 words.
2. The paper should contain minimum 2500 words.
3. There should be atleast 5 well-choosen key words in English.
4. For Bibliography, Scholars of Humanities may follow MLA format and APA format by the Social Science Scholars.
5. Editors reserve the right to  make correction or changes, if s/he perceives it necessary for publication.
6. Paper would be accepted only after consent of the reviewer/s.
7. Supported Language: Bengali & English (For Bengali Articles please follow Avro Keyboard.)


The journal IJHSSS is devoted to the publication of original works viz Research papers, Book Reviews, Article Reviews & abstract of thesis from the discipines of Humanities and Social Sciences.The submission of aforesaid works to this journal implies that neither it has been published elsewhere previously nor is under communication for publication.
1. Submission of Articles: Authors/Researchers/Writers interested in submitting their papers to the Journal should either send Online or sent their CD to The  Editor-in-Chief, IJHSSS, Roynagar, Ward no.25, Karimganj, Assam, India, Pin-788711  in English (MS word font- Times New Roman, Font size-12) or Bengali (Avro , Font size-12). The papers can only be written in two languages - English & Bengali.
       i) Title- Should be brief and informative.
       ii) Authors Name- Name must be followed by Designation, Postal Address including E- mail ID and Phone Number.
       iii) Abstract- All Abstract should be in English and not more than 250  words.
       iv) For compilation of bibliography, the latest edition of APA and MLA format is to be used.
2. Plagiarism: The Authors are requested to avoid plagiarism. In case of detection of plagiarism Authors himself/herself will be solely responsible.
3. Publication: The Publication of the Articles/Write-up will be only after the recommendation of the Editorial Board.

Review Process

All the manuscript will be preliminary examined by the Editor-in-Chief  and then forwarded to the Reviewers & other Editors of the Journal. The papers shall only be published after recommendation of the Reviewes & Associate Editors.
Information regarding the selection or rejection of articles/papers will be only through Email. The journal shall publish the article/papers only after completion of the formalities mentioned in selection letter. The journal will also not take the responsibility of returning the rejected articles.
At every stage preceeding publication, the editors of the journal shall have the right to make corrections (if needed) in articles/papers to suit the requirement of the journal.

Publication Charge
• The authors should note that there is no submission fee; however, there is a reasonable publication fee for each accepted article to meet the cost of manuscript handling,  typesetting, office cum admin expenses, web-hosting charges, up-loading charges, internet expenses, website update and maintenance, electronic archiving and other recurring expenses. The publication fee is obligatory for publication.
• Indian Authors: The publication fee for single author per accepted paper is Rs. 1000.00 and Rs. 1400.00 for multiple authors.
• Foreign Authors: The publication fee of accepted paper is $25 for single authored paper and $30 for multiple authored papers
• Print copy: Print Copy of the issue can be supplied on payment of Rs. 400.00 per copy. Annual subscription for print copy is Rs. 2000.00 per Volume (inclusive of postal charges within India)
Single print copy (Inclusive Postal Charge) can be supplied outside india on payment of  35$ per copy.
The formality of signed copyright form by the author(s) is a precondition to publish the paper in the journal.


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