The Role of SC and ST Representative in Davanagere Zilla Panchayat - Scholar Publications

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ISBN: 978-81-931856-3-6
Dr. M Suresha

Lecturer of Political science, Government First Grade College, Harappanahalli, Davanagere District, Karnataka- India

Panchayath Raj system of governance is the creation of Gandhi is vision. It is his reflection towards Ram Raj where, Gandhi visualized the total and collective development of a village with due participation of citizen without discrimination and class configuration. This anticipation of development was two pronged- economic development and development of democratic institution, which he felt would trine the human minds in democracy and human roles leading to perfect/ all-round development of human personality.         
This book has wonderfully sketched the functioning of panchayath raj in India and davanagere in particular. It also provides a cameo of representation of pied socio-economic classes in davanagerepanchayath raj. According to the contents of the book assumes greater significance and appears to be paragon for others to emulate to enrich and realize the dream the concept of panchayath raj system.
This works also touches upon the style of its functioning taking into consideration the financial assets and outflow in utmost scientific manner, towards targets the davanagere Zillah panchayath had set to itself to achieve goals in a time bound fashion. What really fascinates in the book is its magnificent, meticulous manner of dealing with nuances of panchayath raj, which is really exciting to the mind that proves the writers hard efforts put in perhaps this is one of the pyramid cal work flash flood lighting   on various structures and moving through complete co-ordination in synergetic mode.
This stupendous work reveals an extraordinary ability of writers in data collection and his ingenious way of analyses. In fine, it is mesmerizing in its vivid description of budgelory allocation and individual responsibilities without biasness but with Vitter biasness towards gandhijis ideals of panchayath raj and manner of realization.


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